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NFT Gallery • The Championsheep

Beside designing objects, my passion is drawing funny NFTs.

This made me to come up with a handpainted funny and colorful collection of Championsheeps.

A unique collection - hand painted one by one - individually animated

sequently numbered items - growing weekly

limited edition

Available on Ethereum blockchain on Opensea.

I donate a part of the income of this NFT project to  support the renaturing of peatlands. 

Introducing the world's most adorable cartoon sheep NFT collection!

These cute and funny sheep are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your digital collection.

Each sheep is hand-drawn with vibrant colors and unique personalities. You'll find sheep in all kinds of cute outfits and characters, from a persiflage of famous Mona Lisa to a nagging sheep called Karen Miller.

But what sets my CHAMPIONSHEEP NFT collection apart is that each sheep is one-of-a-kind hand painted drawing. No two sheep are exactly alike,

so you can be sure that you're getting a truly unique piece of digital art that no one else has.

And as an NFT, your sheep is a secure and verifiable asset that you can truly call your own. You can display your sheep on your favorite NFT marketplace or in your digital collection for all to see, and you can rest assured that your ownership is secure and permanent.

So whether you're a fan funny animals or simply want to add a unique and valuable piece to your digital collection, the CHAMPIONSHEEP NFT collection is the perfect choice for you. Don't miss out on the chance to own one of these adorable and valuable pieces of digital art!

CHAMPIONSHEEP meet classic artist

NFTs with sound

The beauty in the beast - Championsheep ladies

True sheep power - Championsheep gentlemen

Championsheep are easy to handle. They don´t need to be muck out or sheard.

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