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Our Mission

Save the world with art

My vision:

stop the climate change.

Did you know that peatlands are binding more CO2 than all forests on our planet.

Image by David Stamm

facts and figures

Peatlands are real hotspots for greenhouse gas emissions.

If moors are in original condition, that means if they are wet - they are huge carbon reservoirs.

Once drained, for example to be used for  peat extraction or agriculture, they release significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

In Germany, drained moors make up only 6% of agricultural land, but cause more than a third (37%) of all emissions from agriculture. Peatlands are drained in many countries, all over the world.

peat and sheep

In real life sheep have a great impact on the maintanence of peatlands.

By grazing, they naturally create open areas for light-hungry plants, which leads to an increase in biodiversity.

The sheep distribute the seeds, helping spread rare plants.

In Web3 championsheep NFT help to restore dryed peatareas by supporting the succow foundation.

Image by Milan De Clercq
Vater und Tochter


We donatea part of our income to the Michael Succow foundation - which helps drained moors to become wet again.

The foundation is working internationally.

Micheal Succow: "The protection of nature is not a luxury, but one of the most important social benefits for the continued existence of human society."

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