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Mel Hanf



 I am delighted to introduce myself. I am a passionate designer and create exquisite  sculptures, wall objects and NFTs for discerning clients. My artworks are inspired by nature and embody my fascination about the profound interconnectedness that exists in everything around us.

Growing up near the picturesque Rhine, I developed a strong bond with nature from a young age. At the age of 13, I discovered my passion for copper wire as a creative medium. Fascinated by the way the wire can be shaped and molded to produce complex and artistic forms, capturing lightness and elegance, I began my artistic journey. I deepened my knowledge and skills through studying design in Aachen, where I graduated with honors. I spent several years of my life in the dynamic energy of Hong Kong and China. There, alongside design, I delved into Feng Shui, an ancient practice that revealed to me the interconnectedness of everything. This profound realization continues to influence my artistic vision, and I strive to express this interconnectedness in my works.

My unique artworks can be found in galleries and in many private collections.

Each of my works is an expression of joyful interconnectedness, feather-light sensuality, and natural abundance. I aim to capture the harmony between elements

and the natural flow of energy.

Each piece I create is a union of aesthetics, profound meaning, and sometimes humor.

I invite you to explore my gallery and discover the beauty of interconnectedness in my copper wire sculptures and wall objects. Each artwork tells a unique story and reflects the unknown connections in the universe and my deep connection to nature.

If you are looking for an exceptional artwork that enriches your spaces and creates an elegant atmosphere of harmony, I am at your service.

Simply contact me via email to discuss your individual preferences.

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my art.

Let us explore the beauty of interconnectedness together.

 Mel Hanf

"Art and design is the visible proof that you can create the world around you, with your thoughts".

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